NewsClipTV: #TechTalk4HamOnt – Electric Courage

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I’m a single guy, I’m not much into the bar scene but when I go I like to meet new and interesting people. If someone catches my eye however, I go into shy mode. What do you do? Normally I would let opportunities pass me by and I grumble and gripe about it for the next week and more so the night is just a waste of time when you start to become negative about the situation and have less fun.

But thanks to the new App I don’t have to! The App is called Electric Courage; it’s all about that confidence. It’s a new social app that lets you spark attraction and start a real-time conversation with people in the same bar as you! Think of a mix of Twitter meets for square meets a dating website.

This social app takes away the nervous first conversation, you’ve already broken the ice and now it’s time to spark up in-depth conversation or invite to dance or drink!

The interface is easy to use, and has a sleek design to it, it’s a must have for any socialite that’s tech savvy.

Electric Courage isn’t just for connecting to that honey at the end of the bar but anyone really that you want to spark up a conversation with and meet new friends. It’s an awesome App to have this holiday season! Because February is around the corner and if you’re like me you don’t want to spend Valentines Day alone. So download the app available for ISO and android users and get your Electric Courage on!  




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