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Be on the look out, 2012 will begin a new blog called 365 days of prosperity!

Each day there will be a new blog sharing info about how to live a life in peace and prosperity.
my hopes is to get lots of feedback and people talking about it.

And the end result being that it will inspire people to act upon what was said or atlas make us think.
I am not a religious person by any means, just thought I’d share that. What I am is a person that believes
if you live a good life with good intentions, inspire others that no matter what your religion might be
you can follow.

There are no walls to which you go and worship, because the world is the ‘church’ – your life is the ‘cup’
and your heart and soul is the ‘temple’ that should be considered sacred.

But again, I do not preach, I only do what I do, it is up to you.


Just wanted to wish everyone a very special Merry Christmas this year!

Around this time I like to reflect on the past year, digging up old journals and
the more recent ones. It helps appreciate accomplishments.

Some days just waking up in the morning with a smile on my face was accomplishment enough!
But more recently I have made some of the most amazing friends, and connections with people.

There are way to many to mention and in fear of forgetting someone, I thought I write this instead.

There are people that come in and out of your life, some you stay close to, some are only there
for what seems like a brief moment in time. But they were meant to teach you something, help you accomplish a goal,
and help you towards your path.

It goes vice-versa

Life is nothing more than a Journey, a journey that carves paths into our soul
what ever path you may take be sure to its a good one because we only got one chance
at life and it would be a dreadful shame to live your elder years looking back with regrets!

Happy Holidays friends!
Make it count!

What are you most proud of in 2011?
Leave your comments below!