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Be on the look out, 2012 will begin a new blog called 365 days of prosperity!

Each day there will be a new blog sharing info about how to live a life in peace and prosperity.
my hopes is to get lots of feedback and people talking about it.

And the end result being that it will inspire people to act upon what was said or atlas make us think.
I am not a religious person by any means, just thought I’d share that. What I am is a person that believes
if you live a good life with good intentions, inspire others that no matter what your religion might be
you can follow.

There are no walls to which you go and worship, because the world is the ‘church’ – your life is the ‘cup’
and your heart and soul is the ‘temple’ that should be considered sacred.

But again, I do not preach, I only do what I do, it is up to you.


FX Channel released this year a new series entitled “American Horror Story”. This show follows a family of 3 who moves into L.A most haunted and notorious mansions called the “Murder House”

I was kind of late in the season started to watching it, one night I watched 8 consectective episodes in a row in order to just get up to speed with this new show. The first episode was kinda lark, I wasn’t expecting anything great and I was trying to fall asleep. What I found however, was the complete opposite. In the end I was completely sadden by the fact that I was all caught up and had to wait till the following week to find out what happened.

This show is absolutely amazing with very fancy technique’s and cliff hanger’s, plot twist and turns that has been making my head spin from the first episode. The storyline of the show follows

the 3 family members who move into a haunted mansion called “The Murder House”. As they get settled into their beautiful new home the slowly get introduced to the neighbors and other house roommates thing’s become awkward and very terrifiying. Which drives the family a part and insane!
Within each episode a history lesson is told about the back story on each of the older roommates that still roam around the grounds of this historic mansion.

It is one of the newest most watched shows on television, aside from “Walking Dead” its the next biggest series, and also has a huge following on twitter, facebook and google+ connecting with fans is something this show does really well in entertaining and engaging.

The last episode which aired this past wednesday was the tipping pot to the series, highly anticipating the last half of this series which will be amazing!
I highly recommend watching this series if you can and catch up because you won’t want to miss the second half.

I’m a single guy, I’m not much into the bar scene but when I go I like to meet new and interesting people. If someone catches my eye however, I go into shy mode. What do you do? Normally I would let opportunities pass me by and I grumble and gripe about it for the next week and more so the night is just a waste of time when you start to become negative about the situation and have less fun.

But thanks to the new App I don’t have to! The App is called Electric Courage; it’s all about that confidence. It’s a new social app that lets you spark attraction and start a real-time conversation with people in the same bar as you! Think of a mix of Twitter meets for square meets a dating website.

This social app takes away the nervous first conversation, you’ve already broken the ice and now it’s time to spark up in-depth conversation or invite to dance or drink!

The interface is easy to use, and has a sleek design to it, it’s a must have for any socialite that’s tech savvy.

Electric Courage isn’t just for connecting to that honey at the end of the bar but anyone really that you want to spark up a conversation with and meet new friends. It’s an awesome App to have this holiday season! Because February is around the corner and if you’re like me you don’t want to spend Valentines Day alone. So download the app available for ISO and android users and get your Electric Courage on!  



With the global usage of smart phones on the rise since 2008 as statistics have shown, as a small business owner, web site designer, or content provider it is highly important to be able to adapt your old web page to meet your customer’s needs.

In 2011 a company from Hamilton, Ontario did just that! The company is called Weever Apps who designed an easy step-by-step process to which anyone and I mean anyone can create their very own Mobile App!

The company went on to win some accolades with when they pitched their idea to Innovation Factory’s first Lions Lair. Needless to say the judges found this idea very important to the Hamilton community as not only is it Innovative but also created jobs for the Hamilton Technology sector that is rapidly growing every day.

Weever Apps was yet again in the spotlight when they pitched their newest creation to DemoCamp Hamilton 4. A event presented by SoftwareHamilton to give young developers a chance to share ideas and amongst their peers and essentially debug any issues they might not have been able to see.

Weever Apps creation process requires YOU the customer zero programming knowledge and only requires 10 minutes of your time.  It works everywhere and your updates are instant!

I highly recommend as a business owner, organization, or big corporations to try it out. It’s free to sign up and your business can be instantly mobile for anyone of your important customers to see.

Its very important to be able to reach out to everyone, and that’s one of Weever Apps can do, helping you connect you to your customers affordably.

Check them online at