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First, Happy holidays one and all! Hope everyone is having a very merry christmas!

Now on to some business!

Recently I noticed an increase of people using Digital Picture frames to engage and promote stores
promotional advertising. I then came across this little blurb which made a top 9 innovative and promotional ideas for small business!

If a picture is worth a thousand words then digital picture frames are worth millions. Well, they could be worth that to you, anyway. They have been on the market for years, but only recently have begun selling well for Father’s Day and Christmas. For much less than a hundred dollars you can set a digital picture frame on your sales counter. You can either take your own sales pictures hyping your services and products or have a professional video production company make a nice video that will sell for you either with sound or without sound. The same video production (in an altered format) can be used for distribution on DVD and the internet. You can also use the Digital Picture Frames as a poor man’s kiosk to sell individual products. Video and photos are stored on a basic memory disk just like you use in a digital camera.

Source: 9 Innovative and Promotional Ideas for Video
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