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FX Channel released this year a new series entitled “American Horror Story”. This show follows a family of 3 who moves into L.A most haunted and notorious mansions called the “Murder House”

I was kind of late in the season started to watching it, one night I watched 8 consectective episodes in a row in order to just get up to speed with this new show. The first episode was kinda lark, I wasn’t expecting anything great and I was trying to fall asleep. What I found however, was the complete opposite. In the end I was completely sadden by the fact that I was all caught up and had to wait till the following week to find out what happened.

This show is absolutely amazing with very fancy technique’s and cliff hanger’s, plot twist and turns that has been making my head spin from the first episode. The storyline of the show follows

the 3 family members who move into a haunted mansion called “The Murder House”. As they get settled into their beautiful new home the slowly get introduced to the neighbors and other house roommates thing’s become awkward and very terrifiying. Which drives the family a part and insane!
Within each episode a history lesson is told about the back story on each of the older roommates that still roam around the grounds of this historic mansion.

It is one of the newest most watched shows on television, aside from “Walking Dead” its the next biggest series, and also has a huge following on twitter, facebook and google+ connecting with fans is something this show does really well in entertaining and engaging.

The last episode which aired this past wednesday was the tipping pot to the series, highly anticipating the last half of this series which will be amazing!
I highly recommend watching this series if you can and catch up because you won’t want to miss the second half.


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