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Think with you being on social media is a crime? guess again, here are 20 tips for social media during christmas day with you should be doing!

You do have Google Alerts set up for all relevant brand names and topics, yes?
Let people know you’ll be available online
Your site does work on the most popular mobiles and tablets, yes?
Have your FAQ updated and revised with most common/popular questions from this time of year at the top
In everything you put online, think like a consumer. What will they be asking?
Is your online store up and running OK? Do you have emergency contact phone numbers for any technical or PR issues that arise?
Schedule tweets across the day with links to the most commonly asked questions regarding your brands
Are there any relevant online links you can link to? Again, feel free to schedule them
If scheduling Facebook posts via Hootsuite or other tool, remember that it will impact on your Edgerank
Think about the times people will go online – for example, 3pm in the UK is a bad time as most are having dinner – and when your customers are like to be online
Is there anything you have – app for example – that you can encourage people to go to to download with their new tablets/phones/etc? Bonus points if it’s a free download (for example, a client of mine – Whyte & Mackay have a SatNav voice from a Scotsman that they make available as a free download for TomTom users)
Schedule some tweets wishing a Merry Xmas to the people who have been key helps or influencers to you over the year
Have a reply policy in place covering the most expected comments from consumers
Let people know in your biogs for Twitter and your latest Facebook updates – that you might not reply as promptly as normal but that you will reply (give them an ETA if you want.)
Check a few times throughout the day when you get a quiet moment. Having a properly set-up smartphone can be a gift for this as you can check things in the car (as long as you aren’t driving)
Remember, the odds are that if people are mentioning you for help or to moan about an issue, they just want you to resolve it quickly so they can get back to the fun stuff
Try not to post if you’ve had too much of the Christmas spirit (or any other kind of spirit) – a drunken tweet could cause the issues you are trying to avoid
As it’s Christmas, why not wish your competitors a Merry Xmas? After all, the British and Germans could do it during war. Also, the odds are they’ve taken Xmas off, so why not monitor their timelines/mentions and help people out if you can. It may get you customers in the long run…
Remember, many people will be watching TV with their laptop/mobile as their second screen for tweeting. Feel free to join in the chat if you have time
Have fun. Yes, it’s work but you can enjoy work you know
With a bit of planning and scheduling, there’s no reason to be chained to the keyboard all day long, but you should check in to make sure your customers are happy. After all, it’s the season of giving and it’s your place to give customer satisfaction and happiness.

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First, Happy holidays one and all! Hope everyone is having a very merry christmas!

Now on to some business!

Recently I noticed an increase of people using Digital Picture frames to engage and promote stores
promotional advertising. I then came across this little blurb which made a top 9 innovative and promotional ideas for small business!

If a picture is worth a thousand words then digital picture frames are worth millions. Well, they could be worth that to you, anyway. They have been on the market for years, but only recently have begun selling well for Father’s Day and Christmas. For much less than a hundred dollars you can set a digital picture frame on your sales counter. You can either take your own sales pictures hyping your services and products or have a professional video production company make a nice video that will sell for you either with sound or without sound. The same video production (in an altered format) can be used for distribution on DVD and the internet. You can also use the Digital Picture Frames as a poor man’s kiosk to sell individual products. Video and photos are stored on a basic memory disk just like you use in a digital camera.

Source: 9 Innovative and Promotional Ideas for Video
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Be on the look out, 2012 will begin a new blog called 365 days of prosperity!

Each day there will be a new blog sharing info about how to live a life in peace and prosperity.
my hopes is to get lots of feedback and people talking about it.

And the end result being that it will inspire people to act upon what was said or atlas make us think.
I am not a religious person by any means, just thought I’d share that. What I am is a person that believes
if you live a good life with good intentions, inspire others that no matter what your religion might be
you can follow.

There are no walls to which you go and worship, because the world is the ‘church’ – your life is the ‘cup’
and your heart and soul is the ‘temple’ that should be considered sacred.

But again, I do not preach, I only do what I do, it is up to you.

Just wanted to wish everyone a very special Merry Christmas this year!

Around this time I like to reflect on the past year, digging up old journals and
the more recent ones. It helps appreciate accomplishments.

Some days just waking up in the morning with a smile on my face was accomplishment enough!
But more recently I have made some of the most amazing friends, and connections with people.

There are way to many to mention and in fear of forgetting someone, I thought I write this instead.

There are people that come in and out of your life, some you stay close to, some are only there
for what seems like a brief moment in time. But they were meant to teach you something, help you accomplish a goal,
and help you towards your path.

It goes vice-versa

Life is nothing more than a Journey, a journey that carves paths into our soul
what ever path you may take be sure to its a good one because we only got one chance
at life and it would be a dreadful shame to live your elder years looking back with regrets!

Happy Holidays friends!
Make it count!

What are you most proud of in 2011?
Leave your comments below!

Promoting a Video

  • The keyword for the success of any online marketing video is “submitting“. The best choices are video hosting sites like YouTubeYahoo! Videos, or Google Videos. The main advantages are that your videos will be hosted for free and they will not take up any of your site’s bandwidth.
  • Share your videos. If you really want to make yourself known, allow users to be able to link to your videos. Viral marketing videos are the best way to make companies (and, subsequently, their products/services) known across quite vast Internet user communities. They carry a company’s name across the Web at far greater speeds than any other marketing tool in existence.
  • Don’t forget to add such phrases as “Tell a friend” or “Visit our Web site” at the end of your video


Stay Humble

Social media beginners often try to quickly establish themselves as “experts” within their field, but they have nothing to back it up. (For example, search for “social media experts” on Twitter. You’ll find many with only a handful of followers. Shouldn’t an “expert” have more?)

As with anything in life, nobody likes a know-it-all. Be humble. Ask questions. Teach, but don’t preach. Let others do the hyping for you. And they will if you’re helpful and humble.

Provide excellent content

Take some time to think about your ideal viewer.  What do you know that they’ll find valuable?  What can you teach them?  “How-to” videos are extremely successful because not only do they offer great value to your viewer, but also you’re able toshowcase your knowledge and skill, thus positioning yourself as an expert.  This is key as you continue to grow your brand.